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About Us : Friends of Businesses in Africa (FOBA) is a self-help conglomerate co-operative organization and a multi-purpose business enterprise with a passion and desire to establish and manage value-based businesses that will empower and create value.  It is about members pooling resources together for professional management by the institution, developing, commencing, and engaging in variety of business chains that are commercially viable and have the capacity to engage people seeking gainful employment whilst offering investment opportunities for the cooperative’s members and various other tranches of external investors.  It is established to accommodate individual and corporate membership with the prospects of serving its members better while contributing to the development of Africa’s economy.

Motto : Enterprise Synergies for Today and Tomorrow

Vision : To foster and contribute to broad-based growth, private-sector development, and shared regional prosperity that will lead to increased employment and ultimately wealth creation for Africans.

Mission : FOBA seeks to preserve the economic security of the individual through genuine, practical, proactive and easily identifiable economic initiatives while creating social safety nets and profits for employees and investors.

Values : Democratic-Ownership, Participation, Self-Governance, Altruism, Social Responsibility

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