Sector-Market Engagement Areas

Convinced that the economic sector entails people’s active involvement at wide-ranging stages and also for broad-based inclusive growth to take root, certain economic sectors are quintessential for the full-scale development of economic markets and transactions.  FOBA prides itself on catalyzing strategic relationships and considers it pertinent to intervene through cooperative business enterprises in the following sectors that will continually spark the interest of its members, drive their creative and entrepreneurial skills and secure their economic welfare. 

We will engage in the Manufacturing, Branding, Agriculture, Hospitality Management, Real Estate, and the Energy sectors.

FOBA believes in the possibility and power of the market.  This ethos and vision is also reflected in our business model and principles illustrated in the seven P’s we have adopted.  The energies we seek to unleash are Possibilities for People at strategic Places obtaining Products at the right Price& Profit through Processes that will lead to sustained superlative Performance.

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